Broadcasts for English Learners

For more than fifty years, the Voice of America (VOA) news service has helped people around the world learn English by producing specialized newscasts.  As you will see and hear below, features and news stories for English learners are delivered at a slower pace, use a limited vocabulary of 1500 words, and short, simple sentences.


Cambodian teens learn to skateboard…and much more.


Nine in November: The World Series of Poker




The Economics Report

The Education Report


Selected news stories from the summer of 2012

United States officials say China’s political changes are moving more slowly than the country’s economic reforms. Representatives from the two nations met earlier this week to discuss human rights. Assistant Secretary of State for Human Rights, Michael Posner is the head of the American delegation. On Wednesday, he said the human rights situation in China is getting worse. Mr. Posner said the United States is concerned about the treatment of minority groups in Tibet and Xin Jiang. China’s official news agency Xinhua described the two-day talks as candid, open, and constructive.

North Korea has confirmed its leader Kim Jong Un is married. State media reported that Mr. Kim and Ri Sol Ju visited a newly built amusement park in Pyongyang. This is the first time North Korea media has reported on Mister Kim’s wife. The report did not say when the two were married or give any details. Kim Jong Un became the country’s leader after his father Kim Jong-Il died in December.

United States presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has begun an international trip to Europe and Israel. Mister Romney is expected to win the Republican Party’s nomination. He will begin his trip in Brisbane where he will meet with Prime Minister David Cameron and attend the opening of the Summer Olympic Games. Mister Romney will also travel to Israel where he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He will end his trip with a visit to Poland. On Tuesday, Mister Romney said the Obama administration was not strong enough with Iran, China, and Russia. He also said the administration did not support Israel enough.  Public opinion studies say the economy will be more important to voters than foreign policy in November’s presidential election.

People across Ghana are mourning the sudden death of President John Atta Mills. Vice President John Dramani Mahama was sworn in late Tuesday. He is to serve the rest of Mr. Mills’ term. Mister Mahama said the death of President Mills was the saddest day in the nation’s history. No public announcement has been made about what caused his death or when a funeral will be held. The sixty-eight year old leader was elected four years ago. He was expected to be a candidate in the presidential election set for December. The main opposition New Patriotic Party has suspended its campaign to help unite the government.

A top United Nations official says talks aimed at restarting the Middle East peace process are not moving forward. Robert Sherry, the UN coordinator for Middle East peace, spoke Wednesday at a meeting of the Security Council. He said time is running out for a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Israel and the Palestinians have not negotiated directly in two years.


Fritzi Bodenheimer: Announcer and News Writer.

Additional Narration by Mario Ritter.

Photos: Skateboarder by I.Loy/VOA; Shoe by Camil Agapie; November Nine by L. Rauch/AP; Poker Chip courtesy of CAO Cigars.

Features and Special Reports: Cambodia Skateboards produced by Caty Weaver with contributions from Irwin Loy.  November Nine written by Mike Defabo, Steve Schy and Caty Weaver.  Caty Weaver also produced the report.  Mario Ritter wrote the Economics Report; Nancy Steinbach wrote the Education report.

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