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In no particular, some of my media favorites.

Home Remedy

scottautoI met Scott Purcell many years ago–long before I thought about a career in journalism or even knew what a producer was–but even then I knew he had a story to tell. Today, Scott is a successful real estate agent in the Washington D.C. area.  And, it would not be an exaggeration to say, he knows more about the importance of having a roof over your head than any other agent out there. (Thanks to Steve Young for helping on production.)







A Moving Experiment

Marc Maximov got his first bicycle—yellow with a banana seat–when he was about seven years old. He’s been riding ever since, even escorting tourists around New York in a pedicab. So when Marc moved to Durham, North Carolina a few years ago, he decided to keep pedaling and live-car free. This piece was produced at the Hearing is Believing Audio Institute at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University.




The Business of Bots

Think of a basketball arena filled with screaming fans.  Every seat is taken. Hearts pounding, all eyes are on the center floor. But you won’t see any athletes here; the only way that ball will make it into the basket is if a robot tosses it.  A robot designed, built, wired and programmed by high school students to balance on a seesaw, throw a frisbee or toss the aforementioned ball into a hoop.  But as amazing as they are, the robots are only the tip of the iceberg…

 oakville robotics


A Mother’s Work

According to the US Census Bureau, one in three children now live in a home without a father, leaving single mothers to juggle finances, schedules, and child care on their own.  The biggest challenge single moms face, however, is the stigma. As if wearing the proverbial scarlet letter, many single mothers are still questioned about what sin they committed to end up alone.  But one mom is trying to change all that…and her biggest supporter is her own teenage daughter.

beth and hayley


Sama’s Vision

samacroppedpsSama Waham has been telling stories and taking pictures since she was a little girl.  Resight, her latest documentary, is the true story of Yvonne Felix, an artist who is legally blind.   Much like her subject, Waham’s own story is all about vision.  (Since this interview, Resight has been honored at numerous film festivals including winning best documentary at the Lakeshorts International Short Film Festival.)







Miles for Melanoma

Kevin Stenstrom has survived melanoma. Three times. But rather than pulling a blanket over his head and feeling sorry for himself, Kevin ran. And ran. And ran. I interviewed Kevin for Seize the Days, a website celebrating cancer survivors in June 2012.





Occupy DC

capitol occupy

Freedom Plaza, in Washington DC is just two blocks from the White House and sits along one of the city’s main thoroughfares, Pennsylvania Avenue. For many months, it was also home to the Occupy DC movement.  As one protester noted, it is hard to ignore so many tents in the heart of the city. So, in early 2012, I packed up my microphone and headed down the street to hear the voices of the ninety-nine percent.



Naughty Women

interfaith_logoThe bible is filled with stories about  “naughty” women including Eve, Mary Magdalene, and Jezebel.  In this interview for Interfaith VoicesDr. Sandra Scham, a professor of biblical archeology at Catholic University talked about  archaeology is helping us to learn about these controversial figures.  And Dr. Scham’s take on fictional archeologists like Lara Croft and Indiana Jones just might surprise you.


Credits: Earbuds photo by Dan McKay via Creative Commons. Mix On Home Made by Steve Young.  Photos of Beth Hudson, Kevin Stenstrom and Sama Waham used with permission.

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