My most recent story:

Chuck Carroll stopped by Taco Bell so often the employees knew his $20 order by heart. Some days he went twice. Over the course of a year, Carroll estimates he spent $10,000 at the fast-food restaurant. The only thing surpassing his big expense was the 400-plus pounds he carried on his 5′ 6″ frame.

Today, Carroll, the NBC Radio news anchor is 265 pounds lighter—and thriving. How did he do it. Read his story here.

Click on a picture below to find more of my favorite stories.

dorothy   sinjar    144x220lorraine-mcnamara-and-quinn-carpenter-jpg-pagespeed-ic-c50b_y-ciw

From left to right: Over the Moon (and the Rainbow); From Syria, A Story of Love and War;
and Competitive Edge.
lynnpshop    just-guor250   Capturewpshbook
From left to right: Sick and Tireless;  A Lost Boy from Sudan Now Found; Speak Up

250tgln-green-ribbon-logo-2014 Love Lesson

From left to right: The Gift of Life; Love Lessons

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